It all started one and a half decades ago at the Riemer flea market scene. The young Andy was running a small shop. In 1998, he realized the optimism and an ideal sphere, space and pioneering spirit to go further on in that party area of the former “Kunstpark Ost”. He opened his first shop on the big flea market hall , decorated with batik fabrics and a small business night based in a cave in front of the Natraj Temple.
A giant mushroom sculpture was standing below and that item was designed by an artist for the Natraj Temple.
The Schmoks GbR was founded with his friend UW ( known for his aromatic chai tea ). In both stores the audience liked to dance but also was able to purchase the two fluorescent art and many artists. They started with impressive batik decorations for other events. The popular shop of art , jewellry, and music was the beginning for further activities and did exist until the end of Kultfabrik in 2003.

In 2000, they also took part on several open airs with their tent , e.g. the Antaris , VooV , Indian Spirit,
Spiritual Healing , Psychedelic Circus , Shiva Moon , Sun and many more sound.
The small tent developed to a large dance floor with private chill zones and Chai shop, which did become the start-up for further festivities.
Andy constantly refined the batik deco , which became a trademark, and they went on till 2006.
2003 the first company-name change into SchmoX . One year later, the still valid name SchmoX Family was created as a tribute to the team spirit of the numerous helpers The company-logo based on 2 mushrooms was born, too.

The Munich party pioneers Andy and UW opened a club fixed every Friday night from 2003-2004.
After this, Andy and UW finished the cooperation and Andy went on oragnizing events of Schmox Family.
The spectrum was still very wide. Chai shop, decoration, private events and cooperation with other agencies such as United Artist with national and international artists in the Georg Elser Halle took place.
He went on with a larger tent and a fresh team for another two years to famous German Open Airs.
With dedication he opened in cooperation with other organizers from 2009 to 2010 a small club at the formerly Kultfabrik, the SchmoXFamily club.
In this club , Andy and Sandra met each other. Sandra inspired the SchmoXFamily projects and philosophy.
From now on Sandra and Andy are managing the Schmox Family as an creative duo.